Enovana House Cleaning Franchise

Come Join Our Green Team!

Enovana Green Cleaning is proud to offer house cleaning franchise opportunities utilizing our proven and systemized way of doing business. For nearly 10 years, we have been offering home cleaning with an eco-friendly twist. Our goal has always been to use all-natural products to help people in our neighborhoods live cleaner and healthier lives. We can’t wait to bring our services to your neighborhood as well.

Since first starting a house cleaning business in 2007, Enovana has been at the forefront of natural, green cleaning to better protect our environment while also serving our loyal customers. As the market for environmentally friendly products and services has grown over the past decade, we have continued to develop our house cleaning franchise system to take advantage of that demand, and our success has been tremendous. Now we want to share that success with owner-operators who share our passion for green cleaning and customer service.

For almost a decade we have developed and refined our business. Our founder Joe McCutcheon has created a high-quality home cleaning service franchise, using only natural cleaning products, while providing the highest in customer service. We use only all natural products including our proprietary green cleaning soap, Castile laundry detergent and reusable cleaning towels. Enovana cleaning franchises’ fleet of vehicles are now all hybrid, low emission vehicles that further serve our mission of being as environmentally friendly as possible.

The market for environmentally friendly cleaning services continues to grow in the United States.  However in many areas across the U.S., in urban, suburban, and rural neighborhoods alike, there are little to no options for such services. Enovana has anticipated that market growth and demand, and with over a decade of operational experience is primed to be the industry leader going forward.

We are here and happy to help with any questions you may have about what it is like to own a cleaning franchise. Get started here or shoot us a call or text at 919-532-4780. In the meantime, check out our Enovana House Cleaning Franchise FAQ here.