Enovana Knowledge Base

How Much Is the Franchise Fee?

The initial franchise fee is $21,500. We are offering $5,000 off the initial franchise fee for veterans and first responders.

Look carefully when you notice an initial franchise fee for another cleaning franchise that is significantly lower than ours. If you read their FDD, you’ll notice that many of them will provide you with a tiny territory for that fee knowing that you’ll need to pay extra to get a larger territory. Many will charge an additional fee to create your website (we’ve seen one that charges $7,500).

Our franchise opportunities provide a sufficient territory size AND your web pages are included in the cost of the initial franchise fee. Our territories are 75,000 “qualified households” and larger. A qualified household is one that we’ve evaluated to have sufficient income to make them a candidate for using a residential cleaning service.

Ultimately, when you do the math, our initial franchise fee is right in the middle if not on the low side of what most other maid service franchises charge when considering for territory size and other set up fees such as website.

What is the cost to open an Enovana Green Cleaning?

The total investment necessary to begin operation of an Enovana business under an Enovana Green Cleaning Franchise Agreement is as low as $66,875.

Do You Offer Financing Assistance?

We have partnered with Benetrends Financial. Benetrends offers a full suite of financing options. To learn more and pre-qualify, click on the “Funding Available” banner below.

Can I own multiple units?

Yes. We offer incentives for those that sign multi-unit developer agreements. Multi-unit developer agreements require a minimum of three territories.

Do I have to clean homes?

No. We do not want our franchisees out cleaning homes. An Enovana business thrives when the franchisee is focusing it’s efforts on growing it’s business through excellent customer service, employee management and involvement in the community.

Is it easy to operate?

Yes. Unlike many new businesses, an Enovana requires very little start up inventory or equipment. We will train you on how to run your day to day operations, from pricing and customer service, to how an Enovana house cleaning is done.

What are the general hours of an Enovana Green Cleaning?

One of the benefits of our franchise is that we don’t work nights or weekends (with the exception of weather and holiday make-up days). We are open from 7am to 5pm, Monday through Friday with the first cleaning appointments beginning around 8:00am.

What are the Royalty Fees?

Each Enovana pays 6% toward royalty fees and 2% toward the Enovana Brand Fund (known in other franchises as a Marketing Fund).

What type of training do you provide?

We believe in setting up our franchisees for success. We provide the following training: up to 10 days of training at our Raleigh, NC Enovana location. We will also provide up to 5 days of training at your location.

How much money can I make?

Contact our office here to get a copy of our FDD which contains an Item 19. This will help you understand the financial side of owning an Enovana Green Cleaning franchise.

Do I need experience?

You do not need experience in professional cleaning to own an Enovana Green Cleaning.
Characteristics we are looking for in a franchisee include stellar customer service skills, experience managing employees and general business experience. Even if you don’t have experience with any of those, we still want to hear from you. Most of us don’t start out as experts in our field. We want to help you succeed.

Do you offer protected territories?

Yes and a territory contains 75,000 qualified households. Depending on your desired territory size and the geographic of your territory, we may increase the size to 100,000 qualified households. We charge a $0.15 rate for each additional qualified household over 75,000.

How do I find customers?

We are here to help with that. After 9 years of trying many forms of marketing, we’ve found what works and will share with you best practices. One benefit of buying an Enovana franchise is that you get a mini-site that will be part of our main website. Your site will benefit from the strength that our website has built with the main search engines. This should put you ahead of the curve in terms of search engine optimization. Organic search engine traffic is essentially free house cleaning leads!