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Joe McCutcheon

CEO and Founder

Joe McCutcheon - CEO and Founder Joe McCutcheon is the founder and CEO of Enovana Green Cleaning. A native of Cary, North Carolina, Joe and his family reside in the Tar Heel state’s capital city of Raleigh, where he and his wife, Amy, started the business nearly a decade ago as Triangle Green Cleaning.

Joe has taken Enovana Green Cleaning from a single job with a sponge and a toilet brush to a company with dozens of employees and thousands of houses cleaned. From the beginning, Joe and his leadership team have remained committed to a dual mission of cleaning homes in ways that are healthier for people, healthier for the planet. Most of all, he knows that today’s standards won’t meet tomorrow’s demands, and Enovana’s customers and employees have seen continuous improvement and innovation in everything from more efficient daily routes in high-mpg vehicles to greener, all-natural cleaning products year after year.

Through the years, Joe has abided by certain values he learned from his mom and dad, as well as his early mentors in the restaurant business: the value of hard work, staying balanced in building a business, attentive to operational, sales, and marketing needs, but especially putting the needs of customers and employees before his own.

Why is Enovana Green Cleaning such a great concept for continued growth and franchising? According to Joe, it’s “a systematized approach to cleaning homes with an irresistible value proposition. Our well-compensated, friendly employees treat their customers like family, leaving each home not only cleaner, but healthier.”

Derek Owen

COO and Director Of Franchise Support

Derek Owen - COO Derek Owen is the Chief Operating Officer and Director of Franchise Support at Enovana Green Cleaning, offering the same level of personal, attentive leadership to our franchisees as he has in leading our management team in Raleigh the last seven years.

Derek met Enovana’s founder while the two worked for Chapel Hill Restaurant Group, known in the Triangle region of North Carolina for its sound, sustainable operation of multiple eateries in Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill. Together, they learned that leaders must approach each day with a heart for serving customers and empowering employees to give their best efforts. From a larger business standpoint, Derek has worked tirelessly to implement programs that increase Enovana’s own sustainability through delivering better service through happy people and healthy products.

A graduate of Elon University in nearby Burlington with a degree in sports medicine, Derek has served on management teams for companies in diverse industries ranging from real estate to restaurants and residential cleaning. His diverse experience, along with building Enovana Green Cleaning from the ground up as an easily-replicated business, will benefit our franchisees with seasoned advice and innovative practices on a daily basis.

Derek and his family reside in Raleigh, North Carolina. You can read more about Derek here.

Brenda Stewart

Franchise Trainer

Brenda Stewart - Franchise Trainer