Our Green Cleaning Products

Proprietary Enovana Green Cleaning Products

Enovana has been cleaning homes using green cleaning products since 2007. In our initial years, we used and experimented with many different types of products. Over the years we found that many products were labeled as “Green” but just did not live up to the standards that we felt warranted such a title. We eventually found that Castile Soap most met our standards for both sustainability and efficacy.

Enovana Proprietary Green Cleaning Products

We started making our own Castile Soap in 2012 so that we could formulate a recipe that would provide us with a Castile Soap that is best suited for cleaning homes. Castile Soap has been used for centuries, originating in the Castile region of Spain. Originally made from olive oil, Castile Soap is now a word that describes soap made from plant/vegetable oils. It is biodegradable and vegan. It is also free of ammonia, phosphates and synthetic fragrances. We use our own proprietary, Enovana brand of Castile Soap that no other company currently uses.

Don’t be confused in thinking that green cleaning products cost more. Some people like to compare it to the food industry where organic food costs more than conventional. In most if not all cases, our green cleaning products are actually more affordable than conventional ones. Not only is our Castile Cleaner most suited for cleaning homes, we also provide it to our franchisees at a lower price than other major Castile Soap companies.

In addition to our Enovana Castile Cleaner, we also utilize vinegar, baking soda and essential oils.

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